Whispering Mind is the love story of Yin and Yang, the negative and positive vibes in the world. They are eternal lovers like Shakti and Shiva, Prakriti and Purusha; Radha and Krishna . Representing the female and male energy forms in the universe, they circumambulate in the velocity of mind, a medium faster than electromagnetic waves.

Yin and Yang represent man and woman, lovers, life partners, friends, and in the Whispering Mind, Yin appears as Babe and Yang as Darling.

Romanticism of the poetry begins with their honeymoon in their journey of life and culminates in awareness, self actualization and infinite bliss. They live, love and pray; speak, act, sing, dance; eat, drink, travel; play and enjoy life; together, separate, united and departed; appearing, departing and reappearing. Their River of Life flows meandering through the panoramic landscape of the fifty four poems in the book.

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Interview of Sh. K.P Shashidharan
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Launch Ceremony of Whispering Mind Poems
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