The objective of writing “Whispering Mind”(WM) is sharing thoughts to help creating a beautiful mind in a sound body irrespective of life’s compelling circumstances, and differences in life patterns. This anthology of Self Help Poems encapsulates essential philosophy of life through fables, travelogues, anecdotes, symbols, visual images, mysticism.

WM is intended to add joy in our living. Self help fable poems spread across the book collectively and individually address certain disturbing existential quests, and help to live in Now, the moment that ticks in without being influenced by the baggage of human emotions that take away the fun and joy of living.

Readers who enjoy good prose and easy to comprehend meaningful verses will enjoy the poetry prose hybrid style of presenting knowledge, wisdom and essential tenets of the philosophy of life, with an underlying theme of bringing joy of living.

Poetry is the language of mind, heart, self, spirit and soul. Poetry of the WM is at times philosophical, metaphysical and spiritual in content and tone. The poems are beautifully intertwined with universal life experiences, encompassing the spectrum of life, love, awareness, enlightenment and infinite joy.

The verses on life experiences at times attempt resolving the age old soliloquy of Shakespeare’s character Hamlet - to be or not to be – using the treasure warehouse of human knowledge and wisdom inherited by us from generations. Best principles of existence and being; have to deal with obviously life, love, awareness, enlightenment, and bliss.

Many of the verses use ‘Yin’ for female partner, which is also a metaphor for dynamic part of the cosmic energy Yin or Shakti; while ‘Yang’ is used for male partner, also an allegory for Yang or Shiva, the male static form of cosmic energy. Some of the poems give further explanation of the cosmic womb, centrifugal and centripetal forces in the cosmic energy, fusion of quantum physics interpretation of origin of the universe and Hindu metaphysical interpretation, supreme energy flow in the universe. These philosophical poems include Wild Spider in the Sky, Zero and One Battle, Jai Ho My Web of Life, Churning of the Mind Lake, Dark Mother Goddess of Time, Cosmic Dance of Shiva, Shrichakra.

The journey of life had begun even before we realized it. We had no control in the event, nor did we choose the time, place, and the actors responsible for the act. We are made aware of the destination of the journey, without being informed on when, where, and how. We indulge in life fully, get busy going and get worn out early. In the process, we lose sight of the sublime lyric, song, rhyme, melody, music, tune, and rhythm of life.

Moments of life once lost are irretrievable. Experience of living teaches us lessons; but once taught, there is no occasion many a time to practise those lessons or re-live as they are time barred, irrecoverable from the abyss of the past. So precious are the moments which collectively determine the essence of being and living, enjoying life to the fullest potential. So we need to capture all the moments, understand their importance and train the mind to fully enjoy living in moments that tick in our life just right in time.

Many of us find no time even for ourselves to breathe peacefully, take care of our basic existence of being; what to talk of having quality time with loved one. There is no time or space left in the already crowded life for selecting the essence of religion, philosophy, and metaphysics to bring great ideas and thoughts into life. It is important to revisit the treasure house of human thought and wisdom inherited by us to absorb benchmarked ideas that may help us living happily.

We cohabit with our Whispering mind. We have been all along in constant dialogue with our mind since we came to know our being. It has been within us from the beginning whether we have noticed or listened to it. Whispering mind can create catastrophic scenes; recreate raging inferno, devastating tsunami, roaring sea, earthquake or thunderstorm in the theatre of our mind. Mind takes us for a ride very often, tears us apart in emotional turbulence, causes endless desires taking away the very joy of living. We know from experience that misplaced anxieties, unwarranted worries take away our happiness.

Life is fun when we optimise the pleasure of living. Forgetting that is painful, forgiving those who hurt us, and moving ahead with oomph, passion, zeal and drive with mind filled in with optimism, not cast by shadows of the past or over perturbed by the anxiety of the future depend on health of the mind. If we listen to and train the whispering mind in us like a mind trainer or a gymnastic of the mind, these whisperings can be converted to healing music of the wounded soul and a lullaby for good life. The poetry of the WM broadly falls into three distinct themes genetically bonded by the umbilical cord of the joy of living:


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