The eternal love story of Yin and Yang is based on the energy equation of Einstein; E=MC Squared, where E is energy and M is mass and C is speed of light. The energy equation establishes that energy and mass are different manifestations of the same thing and cannot be destroyed, and if mass can be converted into energy it will yield tremendous quantity of energy. Mass and energy can appear and disappear in various forms and the sum total of energy and mass remains the same in the universe over the ages as proved by the theory of Relativity.

At higher realms of science and religion, physics and metaphysics, explanations to the origin of universe and life in the universe converge. The age of the universe calculated as per Hindu mythology and that of quantum mechanics and particle physics gives more or less the same conclusions and results. In a sense, Energy and Mass are complementary parts of one whole like Yin and Yang complementing many phenomena in the macrocosm and microcosm. In Whispering Mind, science, religion, physics, metaphysics, facts of life, fiction, story, legend and fantasy are intermixed to weave the romantic story of Yin and Yang as incarnated in Babe and Darling.

All mighty Almighty is the great Maker of his famous brand live human robots amongst various other products and things in the universe for which He is well known! The Maker manufactures among other things, human toy robots with twin ventilators invisible Mind Machine and ticking time machine called heart, programmed with a certain number of pre determined ticks, hung in the cavern of the chest wrapped in the rib cage right at the centre. The Maker also inserts a chip in the head of the human robot as brain with very less capacity than the Maker. The Maker is careful that his toy robot should not in any eventuality be transformed into a Frankenstein Monster, capable of challenging Him.

Though the human robot has a brain chip of less IQ, he thinks he knows too much and has the audacity, aggressive characteristics and arrogance to disrespect and challenge his Maker in various ways with his limited perspective and understanding of complex hidden mysteries of nature. Having been endowed with lesser brain power than his Creator, human robot takes considerable time to understand a little bit of the mysteries and secrets of the world and he feels he thinks he knows too much. In fact the extent of the totality of knowledge in the universe which is to be unravelled, the extent of knowledge so far unravelled and to what extent what human beings know so far is correct, form part of conjecture of the unknown.

As per mythology there was abyss or Yin in the very beginning and light or Yang came subsequently. They have been living together in the Cosmic Womb. They are present everywhere in the universe as complementary parts making a whole, like polarity of the magnet, or negative and positive energy flows of the electricity, day and night, light and darkness. From the eternal energy pool, as per belief, except the souls who have not attained Nirvana or extricated themselves from the Cycles of life and death and rebirth or the Wheel of Life, circum-ambulate the universe seeking opportunities for life.

In Whispering Mind, Yin appears in the form of Babe and Darling. They come from the eternal energy pool or the REAL WORLD and play the Drama called Life in the UNREAL world that appears to be real in the illusion called Maya. Ying and Yang have been present in every living being as part of life.

Babe and Darling, being part of the energy vibes of the universe and having been endowed with Mind Machine, they circum-ambulate in the speed of mind waves in mind times to oversee what is happening in the world. Their rivers of life meanders through the landscape of varied life experiences in the landscape of the book, urging to reach the destination in the Ocean of Consciousness to join as waves, to be evaporated to form as clouds to pour down in rain to be born as a stream in the womb of glacier somewhere in the mountains.

This is identical with the Drama called Life of the soul in the Cycles of life, death and rebirth or the Wheel of Life. Here the journey starts from the sum total of the energy pool of the universe, participating in the first race of life and completing all the scenes in the drama till the final tick of the time machine hung at the heart is done as in bliss for merging into the energy pool or the Ocean of Supreme Consciousness of the universe.

In order to enjoy and appreciate the eternal love story of the eternal lovers Yin and Yang, it is recommended to read the book as a fable from the beginning including the introductory explanations and poems in sequence as presented in the book.





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