Whispering Mind is the love story of Yin and Yang, the negative and positive vibes in the world. They are eternal lovers like Shakti and Shiva, Prakriti and Purusha; Radha and Krishna . Representing the female and male energy forms in the universe, they circumambulate in the velocity of mind, a medium faster than electromagnetic waves.

Yin and Yang represent man and woman, lovers, life partners, friends, and in the Whispering Mind, Yin appears as Babe and Yang as Darling.

Romanticism of the poetry begins with their honeymoon in their journey of life and culminates in awareness, self actualization and infinite bliss. They live, love and pray; speak, act, sing, dance; eat, drink, travel; play and enjoy life; together, separate, united and departed; appearing, departing and reappearing. Their River of Life flows meandering through the panoramic landscape of the fifty four poems in the book. Their interactions, joy of living, pathos, reflections on life, sunrise, sunset and moonlit nights of romance compose the poetry.

Whispering Mind is intended to induce joy in mind, heart and soul with absorbing fables on life, love and bliss, spreading fragrance of blossoming flowers, stimulating the appetite of both traditional prose and poetry lovers. There is wide variety of cuisine catering to the palate of gourmet.

  • Let us Enjoy Whispers of Our Mind!
  • Love the Moments!
  • Live in Them!
  • Celebrate Life and Its moments!
  • Enjoy Reading! - ‘Amuse Le Lecture!’


The poems in Whispering Mind are for all who love life; like to live in love;are believing in exploring and discovering the inner hidden energy in them; and linking with the supreme energy vibes of the universe.

There are poems on self help, travelogue, green poems, life stories, fables, social themes, life principles, fiction, mantra, tantra, mysticism, spirituality. The variety of subjects like shades of life, love, bliss; encapsulating essential philosophy of life and ideas may appeal to every group of people: those who believe in celebrating joyful moments like Honey Moon, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Birth Day, Marriage Anniversary and live in Now the moment that ticks. Those who feel depressed, hungry for love or face tragedies in life, only belief in the inner energy, its connection with the supreme power in the universe may console the soul.

Mind can create catastrophic scenes. Misplaced anxieties, unwarranted worries take away the happiness. If we listen to and train the mind like a mind gymnast, negative feelings can be converted for healing the wounded soul, serving as lullaby for good sleep.

The poetry broadly falls into three themes bonded by the umbilical cord - the joy of living:

Theme One: Spectrum of Life

The poems are intended to take the reader a virtual tour across continents, exposing to different life patterns. There are poems on philosophy, green poems too. 
Message is simple: human watching, as a spectator may induce valuable lessons for good living.

Theme Two: Rainbow of Love

The poems express intense inner feelings experienced by heart, mind and soul. Poetry aims at taking to the realms of man woman relationship, selfless feelings and emotions of falling in love, being loved; encompassing wide hues of love, pain, anguish, agony, anxiety, sorrow of separation, loneliness, insecurity and uncertainty of life.

Love gradually evolves through life’s experiences bringing essential philosophy to enjoy living, genuine feelings, compassion and service to humanity; transcending to ultimate joy of falling in love with the Creator.

Theme Three: Journey to Awareness, Enlightenment and Bliss

The section starts with a green poem visit to tree temple in Cambodia. The poems exhibit the existential riddle between destiny versus determinism taking to the beginning of the journey of life; and move towards, taming the mind, cleansing of the mind, awareness, enlightenment and infinite bliss. The book introduces life principles from Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Christianity; curry-flavoured with Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra. Some of these ideas, if practised in the right way, may help developing beautiful body, mind, and soul.

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