These poems implicitly throw light on the four schools of thought - Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyana Yoga - explained in Bhagwad Gita commented by Swami Vivekananda in his works.

A glimpse of theology, and metaphysics is good for understanding the nuances of the river of life. Buddhist methodology of diagnosis, prognosis and prescription for elimination of suffering, tenets of Jainism, Brahmanism, Sufism and Hinduism, flowering into Advaita philosophy of Adi Shankaracharya are sprinkled in some of the poems. The spice of Vedas and Vedanta gives fresh aroma and delicacy for taking adversities in right stride.

The basic issues of mind and body gymnastics for bringing a beautiful mind in a beautiful body are explained in simple verses. The wisdom inherited by humanity from the treasure warehouses underlying in some of the theological concepts like initiating the Kundalini awakening - aligning the seven chakras or energy circles of the spine - is comparable with scientific theories of self actualization.

The romance of the Whispering Mind culminates gradually in the last few poems ‘The Black Mother Goddess of Time’, ‘Cosmic Dance of Shiva’, ‘Churning of the Mind Lake’, ‘Shrichakra’ and ‘The Bliss’. All the poems conceived in the three themes are interconnected by the underlying central idea: optimising the joy of living, deriving maximum out of life by linking the inner strength with the external energy vibes.

Life, love and bliss are inextricably interlinked, making difference in life on earth. WHISPERING MIND is meant for creating a beautiful mind in a beautiful body.

Eternal Love Story of Yin & Yang

It is a story of the energy vibes: Shakti and Shiva or Yin and Yang. Yin or Shakti is a metaphor for dynamic energy and Yang or Shiva , a metaphor for static form of cosmic energy. Some of the poems give further thoughts on worship of mother goddess, the cosmic womb, centrifugal and centripetal forces in the cosmic energy.

The poems Wild Spider in the Sky, Zero and One Love Story, Jai Ho My Web of Life, Churning the Mind Lake, Dark Mother Goddess of Time, Cosmic Dance of Shiva and Shrichakra sing paeans of the energy linkage between the living and the universe, mythology and modern science. Ever expanding universe is perceived as the Cosmic Egg or ‘Brahmandam’ with microcosm called mind or ‘Chidambaram’.

Whispering Mind is my first book, though I had written some of these poems before sixteen years when I was living at Bath in UK. I had been a prolific freelancer earlier, also invited to talk to new writers at the instance of the then editor of The Hindustan Times on how to write ‘middles’; I have chosen to hibernate quite a while from literary writing.

The format of Whispering Mind is the format in which thoughts took birth in my ‘Chidambaram’ – in the horizon of my mind as part of the cosmic dance of bliss. It matters little as long as readers rejoice!


" In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took,
but how many moments took your breath away "
- Shing Xion

Whispering Mind is dedicated to my Yin
and Yin & Yang in me,
Yin and Yang in you and Us
and Everyone We Love!!





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