The poems are intended to take the reader for a virtual tour to different continents, starting with enjoying the galleries of the Mother Earth and her children. Later poems expose the reader to multi colours of the ultramodern glitzy glamorous night life in New York, the epitome of human civilization in the world, life patterns elsewhere in the West, disturbingly contrasted with the pathetic existence of millions on the streets of India and other parts of the developing world. There are poems on philosophy of life, green poems too. The linking central idea running across all the poems in the book help enjoying life as it comes and enjoying living while striving to improve and learn from experiences.

The joy of watching the human animals’ responses and reactions to different life experiences is a valuable learning experience. Witnessing life scene can be a passionate, entertaining, learning and rewarding hobby. Human watching can effortlessly induce valuable lessons for good living. Life can be an entertaining saga to observe and learn. Watching human beings as a spectator can be practised anywhere, everywhere regardless of time space and place.


The poems express more intense inner feelings experienced by heart, mind, self, soul and spirit. Poetry in this section aim at taking us to the heights of sublime experiences of man woman relationship, genuine selfless feelings and emotions of falling in love, being loved and loving, encompassing wide hues of love, pain, anguish, agony, anxiety, sorrow of separation, loneliness, insecurity and uncertainty of life. There are poems on games, music, religion, fragrance and shades of love.

The lullaby of mind, heart, self spirit and soul comes out of sublime true feelings of love. It takes us to the heights of life’s experiences bordering the very basis of the philosophy of living and genuine love, compassion and service to humanity, gradually transcending to ultimate joy of falling in love with the Creator.


This section starts with a green poem visit to tree temple in Cambodia which stands as an icon for sustainable living environment and thereafter takes the reader to experience the joy of meditation at Bodhgaya. The poems exhibit the existential riddle between destiny versus determinism taking to the very beginning of the journey of life and move towards, taming of the mind, cleansing of the mind, awareness, enlightenment and infinite bliss.

WM introduces essential life principles from Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Christianity, curry-flavoured with Yoga, Prana yam, Meditation, Mantra, Tantra, Yantra. Some of these philosophical tenets, if practised in the right way, may help us to develop beautiful mind, self, soul and body. These poems implicitly throw light on the four schools of thought - Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyana Yoga - explained in Bhagwad Gita commented by Swami Vivekananda in his works.

A glimpse of theology, philosophy and metaphysics is good for understanding the subtle nuances of the journey of life. Buddhist methodology of diagnosis, prognosis and prescription for elimination of suffering, tenets of Jainism, Brahmanism, Sufism and Hinduism, flowering into Advaita philosophy of Adi Shankaracharya are sprinkled in some of the poems. The spice of Vedas and Vedanta gives fresh fragrance to life taking adversities in right stride, by adopting the best in them to keep life going happily till the D-day.

The basic issues of mind and body gymnastics for bringing a beautiful mind in a beautiful body are explained in simple enjoyable verses. The wisdom underlying in some of the philosophical and theological doctrines like initiating the Kundalini awakening process, after aligning the seven chakras of life is enlightening if we compare with scientific theories of self actualization expounded by Maslow.

The ontology, metaphysics, existentialism and the mystery of creation and the being are difficult to comprehend from the sources. It is sheer delight to absorb the essential tenets of the philosophy of life contained in the human heritage and wisdom.

The book of poetry “Whispering Mind” culminates in the last three poems ‘Churning of Mind’, ‘Shrichakra’ and ‘The Bliss’: Churning of Mind is about visit to Mount Kailash and Manasa Sarovar, the ultimate pilgrimage for the Hindus as a symbolism for churning one’s own mind between good and bad and start living afresh like a new born with heart filled with love, compassion and kindness. Shrichakra is the mathematical symbolical mystical representation of the mystery of creation of life and the cosmos and ‘The Bliss’, the very destination of the Journey of Life.


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